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Enter 2015 National Festival of Breads through January 16, 2015!

Adult amateur bakers can submit original recipes for ethnic breads, rolls, time-saving and simple breads, and whole grain breads online at nationalfestivalofbreads.com. Youth bakers, ages 12-17, can also submit recipes for yeast breads and quick breads using the same form.

Eight adult finalists will receive airfare and accommodations to participate in the national competition on June 13, 2015, in Manhattan, Kansas.  The grand prize winner will receive $2,000 cash and a trip to attend a baking class at the King Arthur Flour Baking Education Center in Vermont.

Official rules are available at nationalfestivalofbreads.com.


57728ATHENS_ContestLOGO Enter Athens® Make it Fancy & Fun Recipe Contest on phyllo.com. Mini Fillo Shells are perfect for making recipes that are fancy or fun. The choice is yours!

The theme for November is “Thanksgiving Recipes.”
There’s a total of $5,000 in prizes and the theme changes every month! Enter today!


Brown sugar Blend Front-2 2


“Truvia Baking Star” Voting Now Open!

From now through October 29, fans can vote once per day for their favorite of 10 semi-finalists on www.TruviaBakingStar.com.

The three finalists with the most votes will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York City with a guest.

They will compete in a live bake-off event on November 19 and the winner will be awarded the title of Truvia Baking Star, and a professionally produced and promoted video!


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  • "I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. When I discovered recipe contests, I found it was a fun way to spur my creativity to come up with a recipe that used a required product or met a specific criteria like light and healthy. The lifelong friends I have met along the way have been an unexpected and delightful surprise. CCC is the best tool I have found to learn about all the new contests to enter and then later see what wonderful recipes have won all those great prizes."

    Priscilla Yee, $25,000 Good Housekeeping "Cook Your Heart Out" 2012 Winner
  • "For us, belonging to CCC is like having our own “Personal Assistant”. CCC provides an invaluable service, one that relieves us from the most time consuming tasks associated with contesting: finding current contests along with their rules and requirements. All this, in addition to providing continual support and assistance. In other words, freeing up our time for the fun part, coming up with recipes, sometimes even prize winning ones!"

    Bob and Edwina Gatsby - Award-Winning Husband and Wife
  • "I love the CCC website! As soon as I joined I felt like I had found 'my people!' We love to be creative with food, try our hand at recipe contests and be supportive of each other! The Deadline Contests list is so handy for me. At a glance I can look at the dates and codes to see which contests I may want to try entering."

    Christina Verrelli - Pillsbury Bake-Off $1,000,000 Winner
  • "This hobby has taken me on some amazing adventures from Korea to Italy and many places in between, but had it not been for the contest listings and direct links found on CCC, I might not have ever discovered such exciting opportunities! A priceless perk that I never imagined my membership in CCC would introduce me to is the friendships I've developed with an amazing group of talented and knowledgeable like-minded contesters."

    Brett Youmans - LG "Taste of Something Better" Grand Prize Winner
  • "When I joined CCC in 2008, I never anticipated the number of ways in which it would change my life. Winning cook-offs and recipe contests has not only led to opportunities such as appearing on the Food Network, attending the Super Bowl and rubbing shoulders with celebrity chefs at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival, but it has given me the confidence to pursue culinary ventures outside of competitive cooking (my first cookbook will be published in 2013!) Most important though, I have made so many friends through CCC, astonishingly talented, supportive and generous friends who inspire me daily and challenge me to be a better cook. I am very proud to be a part of this group!"

    Julie Hession - Sterling Vineyards "Ultimate Host" $40,000 Winner