Are CCC’s contest listings accurate?

CCC obtains and posts information about upcoming contests from a variety of sources, but in all cases the summaries we post come from the sponsor website or press release at the time we become aware of a contest. CCC makes every effort to change our listings on a timely basis, if we become aware of changes by the sponsor subsequent to our original contest posting.

CCC makes every effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, but ultimately the sponsor has the right to change deadlines, rules, prizes, etc.. All CCC members and contesters are advised to rely on the sponsor sites for the most up-to-date and officially correct information.

CCC cannot always verify the legitimacy of a contest being offered or sponsor although we try hard to weed out questionable contests and sources.

If a member or visitor to CCC detects a discrepancy in our contest descriptions, a rule change or a questionable contest or sponsor please let us know. We will investigate such issues, alert our members and update our listings in a timely manner to reflect the facts as best we can determine.