Are member provided web links in posts considered safe?

Sometimes members provide pictures in their post as well as web links.  CCC does not systematically review the destination of these links unless warned by other members as to the unsuitability of a specific web link associated with a particular forum post.  Individuals who click any link to a destination outside CCC’s web site should be particularly cautious as they should with any navigation out on the Internet.  While the majority of such links point to contest information, blogs on the internet and food related url’s, there is always a possibility that links are for suspicious activity such as spam, virus infection or data collection.  Data collection sites are always a threat as they are looking for e-mail addresses, personal name and other information which could threaten your privacy by you giving it out.  Upon notification to us, CCC will review and potentially remove forum posts where it has been determined that a web link contained in the post is of an obvious suspicious nature.