Help, someone posted a picture of me on the scrapbook and I don’t like it!

Here at CCC have had a long standing policy of accepting member submitted photographs and descriptions which were generally obtained while attending a corporate sponsored contest of some type in the public arena. These member submitted photos are available to be viewed by both the general public and members as well. We remind everyone, that these photos were taken in a public setting and you will oftentimes find similar pictures on the company web site who sponsors the contest. In most cases, photographs were posed and all participants were aware of the use of this shot on CCC’s web site. These photographs were submitted for entry into our scrapbook, usually by the person taking the picture or a family member.

There are occasions, however, when a submitted photo is found undesirable by the individual in the picture after posting to the site. It is the responsibility of the offended party to immediately notify CCC via email as to what picture they do not want posted.

All photographs submitted to our site become the property of CCC. Unless notice to remove a photo is given to CCC within a reasonable time after posting, it is assumed that photographic subjects agree to such postings and we will continue to do so indefinitely.