Why doesn’t my password work?

Please be assured that we individually test each reissued username/password combination prior to e-mailing your personal sign-on information. 9 out of 10 password problems result from improper formatting of required username/password in the security window which appears when you wish to access a restricted area.  

Always remember that your User Name is your complete email address!

You can try to re-enter both the user name and password in the appropriate sign-on security window which pops up when you try to access our restricted member areas. It is very important that you enter your information in a case sensitive manner.  Incorrect use of capital letters are the major cause of sign-on failure.  Also, failure to complete the @yourisp.com in your e-mail address after the username is the second most likely cause of failure to sign-on.

You can use the <tab> key to move from the username to the password field.  Once both fields are entered, click the box which shows “remember my password” (if you want it to remember your sign-on information for later use) and then hit the <enter> key.

User Name:         xxxxx@xxxx.com
Password:            xxxxx

Please note that it is important that you double check your spelling and any punctuation marks when entering the information above.  No punctuation marks are permitted in the password.  However, in the email address you are permitted to use a “-“, “@” or “.” if needed.

In the end, if you fail to gain access, please notify us immediately.  We will be glad to e-mail a new password to replace the previous one.  A new password can only be e-mailed to the registered member’s e-mail address on file in our records.