Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Cooking Contest Central “Hall of Fame.”

Here we honor CCC members who have made an impact in the recipe contest world not only by creating award-winning recipes, but also by encouraging and supporting fellow contesters.

Click on the name and year to learn more about these creative cooks!

Row 1: Lauren Katz (2017), Ronna Farley (2018),

Row 2: Veronica Callaghan (2016)Merry Graham (2015), Roxanne Chan (2014)Janice and Larry Elder (2013)Christina Verrelli (2012)

Row 3:  Betty Parham (2011)Brett Youmans (2010)Bob & Edwina Gadsby (2009)Camilla Saulsbury (2008)Jenny Flake (2007)

Row 4:  Anna Ginsberg (2006)Michaela Rosenthal (2004)Joyce Sproul (2003)Elaine Sweet (2003)Beth Royals (2002)

Row 5:  Nikki Norman (2002)Carolyn Collins (2001)Sally Sibthorpe (2001)Terry Ann Moore (2001)Claudia Shepardson (2000)

Row 6:  Lisa Keys (2000)Diane Sparrow (2000)Patricia Harmon (1999)Shirley DeSantis (1999)Rosemary Johnson (1999)